Monday, October 28, 2013


Miles today: rest
Miles in 2013: 1036.29 miles

Fall has FINALLY arrived in south Florida! We had our first cool run late last week and it was flipping amazing. Can't wait for more of those runs in the upcoming weeks. Hopefully training for some fun racing in the very near future! More on that later. Until then, more Chicago.

We had a flawless flight into Chicago the Friday before the race. Thanks to the great concierge at the Sheraton, a great sushi dinner upon arrival.  Some people may think it's a little risky, but I actually love sushi for a night before race meal. The soy sauce is that extra dose of sodium and white rice is great for a low fiber carb.

We stuffed ourselves at Niu Sushi in downtown Chicago and crashed early. It was wonderful and very reasonably priced.

Saturday morning we woke up and headed out with some friends for a run. Crystal clear skies, cool temps, and tons of runners out.
It was all just beyond exciting. I think I squealed with happiness about 30 times. (also why very few people want to run with me...) I was just lucky to be running with close friends - and friends that didn't mind stopping 30 times to take pics. Thanks guys.

We ran all around the starting line, where things were starting to come together.

Then it was time to head over to the expo. We took the shuttle from right by our hotel. Super efficient. I think we waited maybe 5 minutes before a bus came. The expo was definitely the biggest I have been to. And maybe the most well run. Getting our numbers and bags were super quick and easy. Which was good because we had timed it perfectly to meet Scott Jurek. (I die.) He was appearing at the Brooks stand. I read his book when it came out about a year ago and have followed his career. I was totally starstruck and probably babbled like a moron, but he was one of the nicest people ever. And he did the gator chomp!!!

After getting Scott's signature on my bib, we ran into friends from home! Love, love, love that we had a big group of runners and spectators!

Chicago is so crazy with runners the weekend of the race. Lucky for me (and my poorly planned out self) one of our friends made reservations for everyone at Club Lago. Reservation for 20 please and thank you.

(Although I can't find the pic of the whole group...)

We got home early after freaking out about lack of salt packets, breakfast, and the lack of dessert.

Like every other race, I set every single thing needed out.

The rest is history. But in case you were wondering, I ran in my Brooks Ravenna 4's, ProCompression Marathon Socks, Lululemon running skirt, UnderArmor FitNation tank, two Champion sports bras, and one pair of Target stripy gloves. 

Just thinking of that night makes me excited to sign up for more! Happy motivation Monday!!