Monday, October 7, 2013

Tower of Terror 10 Miler

Miles today: rest
Miles in 2013: 980.52 miles

What a night! Running with some of our best friends under a starry night. Until last Saturday, I had never run the Tower of Terror 10 Miler in DisneyWorld. We did the Wine 'n Dine two years ago, which was fun but definitely not one of my best runs. 

Saturday started a little rough after a "spirited" Friday night. By dinner time I was ready to run and so excited to get the chance to run with friends. We got to the corrals at just about the right time. And I could not believe we ran into multiple friends before the race. Port-o-potties are a popular place. 

Larry and I hung back with Ally and Josh in their corral. We had no intentions of racing and just wanted to have fun. 
Apparently I get zombie eyes in every pic...

We hung in the corrals for a few and then began heading to the start line.  Because I was so nervous about being hungry before the race started, I brought multiple granola bars and a big bag of chips. I ended up eating one half of a pumpkin spice granola bar and tossing the rest. At least I was prepared. (Last time we ate dinner too early and I think that screwed me up - among other things)
Every few minutes a new corral got to take off under fireworks. One of the best parts of a night race. 
And finally it was our turn. 
Despite our plan to stick together, we lost the boys around mile 2. They caught up with us about two miles later. I thought we would stop and take a bunch of pics but the lines were crazy. Instead we (ok probably just me) took in the crowd, the stars, and the fact that the temperature had dropped. I was loving every minute. One of the best parts of Disney races are the costumed people of all fitness levels just out there making the effort. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

Another aspect of Disney races is the amazing volunteer support. Water and Powerade stations just over every mile, and smiling faces all along the course. 

We ran through the Wide World of Sports a little over halfway through the course. Running around the baseball field was great and a good pick up for people who were struggling. The miles flew by and before I knew it, we were entering Hollywood Studios. 

I think this course is great for a lot of runners because the last mile is so motivating and scenic. It is all in Hollywood Studios and full of distractions. Larry and I crossed the finish line together.
I know, totally nauseating.
But I do love running with him.

This was a great last run before a big race. We ran about 2 minutes per miles slower than race pace. It definitely took a little concentration and mental effort, but not necessarily a bad thing. Finishing the 10 miles felt like nothing though and my legs felt almost itchy. Ready to run hard.
As for these guys, they are freaking amazing. So proud and so happy they let us drag them to a race. 
Congrats to all the runners this weekend and our friend Holly on her first marathon!