Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Happy Hug A Runner Day!

Miles today: 6 mile tempo run, 7.25 miles total
Miles yesterday: 5.0 miles, easy
Miles in 2013: 1100.68 miles

Happy Hug A Runner Day! Too bad no one on the treadmills was interested in hugging. Luckily I get to hug my favorite runner on a daily basis. (I know, barf, but it is true - even with his shirt tied around his waist like a weirdo) 

In honor of today (and to motivate my lazy-as-of-late-behind), I signed up for another race today. I have been debating about running an ultra for a while. I mean, I know it is going to happen eventually, right? The Caloosahatchee 50K was supposed to be run on November 2nd, but because of all the rain we got this summer, the course was totally flooded. 

The stars aligned, because I could not have run it so soon after Chicago. It was delayed until December 14th, soooooo I signed up. Immediately followed by freaking out. Which was then followed by reading every ultra running blog I could find, (PS there are some really good ones out there) and then heading out for a run. I needed to celebrate Hug A Runner Day the right way and I need to get my mileage back up for the next few weeks. Nothing like a hard workout after a long day. 

I would have loved to make it to one of the great running groups around town today, but unfortunately time is a little tight. I get it in where I can these days. Haha.

So glad I have a couple friends who are already incredible ultra runners. I will be needing all the help I can get in the next month.