Friday, November 1, 2013

It's the First of the Month

Miles today: 3.68 miles, easy
Miles in 2013: 1048.66 miles

Happy November!! This is going to be one hell of an month! One of my favorite holidays, my nephew will be arriving any day, and so will baby Coral. The weather and sunsets don't suck.

Oh yeah and the blog turns one tomorrow! Big time stuff. So let's quickly recap October and then look forward to all the awesomeness in store for the next 30 days.


Started the month with a 5K with my co-workers. Thought it was a PR, but the course measured a little short, so we will not consider it a PR, but fun race regardless. Love it when people get to experience their first races!

Followed the 5K with a little 10 miler through Disney at the Tower of Terror 10 Miler. Freaking blast. I think it was God's way of telling me I need to purchase a tutu with lights on it. Larry does not agree.

One week later, the Chicago Marathon. BOOM. It came up so fast. 16 minute PR on one of the best courses with the best spectators ever. I haven't run NYC, but can't imagine much better than Chicago. If you are considering running a marathon, I would highly recommend Chicago. One of the very best days of 2013 (so far).

Chicago recovery. One thing that has been a little disappointing. I thought I would recover much faster than I have. I took 6 full days off of all running and started back very gently with a slow 4 miler. My knees were achey but not bad. I went to Movadria for an active release session on my legs, which helped my muscles, but the knees were still sore. I have been running just about every other day, but still have pain after about 3 miles. Not happy about this at all. I expected to be running a half marathon this weekend, but unfortunately am bailing. I have been to physical therapy this week and am laying low. Back to increasing the weight training, cross training, and lots of ice. I really want to baby it because there are just too many fun races coming up in the next few months. Winter and spring are the BEST times to run in Florida and I am not planning on missing out!

As far as food is concerned, I have made some amazing fall recipes lately. Whip out the sage and butternut squash because more of that will be happening in this month. 

Healthy eating has slipped a little in the last few weeks (hello bags of kitkats) but I am going to be getting back on track this month. Lots of travel in the next few weeks so November's goals are to recover and stay on track for maintaining fitness while driving all over the southeastern United States!

Happy Friday, good luck to all Ironman Florida participants and NYC Marathoners this weekend, and most importantly 

(Homemade martini for Friday at home happy hour)