Monday, November 18, 2013

Motivation Monday

Miles today: 6.01 miles, 800 repeats
Miles in 2013: 1088.43 miles

I really needed to run today. Because the newest member of our family is due to arrive any minute, my mom decided to cook a whole Thanksgiving dinner last night. It was great to enjoy together before everyone scatters and things go crazy, but it was a FULL Thanksgiving meal. 

I am grateful for a mom that is one helluva cook. I eat a plant based diet about 95% of the time. Last night was not one of these times. And it was SO worth it. Damn good. 

After work I was so tempted to crash, but laced up my shoes and hit the gym. It was one of the first times since Chicago, I felt really strong. 
I mentally set the bar (and speed) a little low, but got progressively faster. By the end of the workout, I knew I could have gone faster and farther. Good little mental boost after a craptastic weekend run and bailing on a Sunday long run for sleeping in.

Finished off the workout with a delish salad. Chopped greens, black beans mixed with adobo sauce and topped with my corn-avocado salsa. Time to hit the showers. Happy Monday is done.