Saturday, November 16, 2013


Miles today: 6.5 miles, easy
Miles Thursday: 4.0 miles, easy
Miles in 2013: 1082.42 miles

Slacker, party of one, right here. 
That being said, it has been a rather productive Saturday. We went out for a 12 mile run, but at mile 4 Larry wanted to bail. I debated about what to do and ended up following him home. I told myself I would make it to the gym to make up the extra miles later, but after lunch cocktails, that went quickly by the wayside. Instead we crossed items off the to-do list and got husband-wife pedicures. (I know, barf, but you should try it)
Desperately needed pedi, I might add. 

We also hung with the puppies and are now getting ready for the Gator game.
 Good thing we had fun early on, because the rest of the day could turn ugly. Regardless, I will bleed orange and blue till I die...
Gator football and hydration. Win-win. Happy Saturday!!