Thursday, November 7, 2013

Three Things Thursday

Miles today: 5.0 miles AM, 3.0 miles PM
Miles in 2013:1063.66 miles

#1: This is the fist two-a-day workout since Chicago. I swear my legs are feeling better the more I run. (Also the more I make time for physical therapy- thanks Mom!) I am still icing and stretching like a maniac. 
Good God, those toe nails (the ones that are left) look like hell. I need a pedi stat. 

#2: The sunrises this week have been OUT OF CONTROL. I have a love/hate relationship with the time change, but these are winning me over. Makes getting up totally worth it. 
Tuesday morning.
No filters, no changing a thing. That was real life this morning. Ridic.

#3: We were supposed to go out tonight to an event and instead ended up getting take out, drinking beer, packing, and hanging with these mutts. Best decision of the week.

Happy soon-to-be Friday ya'll!