Monday, December 30, 2013


Miles Saturday: 10.03 miles
Miles in 2013: 1202.5 miles

Not sure if Saturday's run will be my last of 2013, but I am so pumped I made it to 1200 miles before year's end. At the beginning of 2013, I was coming off two steroid injections to the knees and had no idea what the year would hold running wise. Turned out, it has been better than I every could have imagined.

I am blogging from a train going from NYC to Boston. Travel by train can now be checked off the list! We had an amazing time in New Paltz, NY and I CANNOT wait to get back up there during summer to tackle the incredible trails through the mountains. (most of which were covered in ice this past week)

I wanted to get in a long(ish) run in at some point during our time in NY, but weather made it a little more difficult than I expected. Satruday was the perfect day since it (and I can't believe I am saying this) warmed up to a balmy 45 degrees. It was sunny and cool and I finally convinced Larry to throw on the running shoes and head out for more than 30 minutes. 

The views were gorgeous and the miles flew by. Of course we had to spot to take some pics. I don't get to see mountains or ice too often on runs.

Yeah, that is the river! We ran along parallel to the Rail Trail, which is supposed to be a great running trail when it isn't covered in ice. The run was a hilly out and back loop, but we walked on some of the scenic areas of the trail.

Snow makes me happy too.

Trail selfie

We finished the run in decent time and packed up to go to Mohonk Mountain for a little hiking, hot beverages, and cookies.

The resort there is beyond amazing with spectacular views of the Catskills. 

So that is about it for the NY portion of our trip. Sad to be leaving our family so soon, but can't wait to return!

Congrats to all our friends who finished a wet, chilly race in Jacksonville, FL on Sunday. Y'all are awesome!! And good luck to our friend, Eric, running 24 hours to celebrate NYE. #badass