Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Key West Triathlon Recap and Weekend!

Miles today: 5.02 miles, easy
Miles Saturday: 3.1 miles, plus a half mile or so (garmin went out)
Miles in 2013: 1158. 19 miles

Yeah, it was a big day (for a Tuesday). Started with a run and secret santa surprises at work and on the home front, I actually put away my pumpkins (yea, I realize it is mid-December) and put up my first Christmas lights of the year. We can safely say I am ridiculously behind this year. So last weekend....

One of my favorite places to visit! Naples Area Triathletes always have a big group of athletes go down to the Key West Triathlon in December. We missed out last year because we were running a little race in Las Vegas. Since I am in semi-triathlon-retirement, I was lucky enough to team up with some friends to relay the race.

We headed down to Key West Friday afternoon. A little pit stop in Key Largo was needed to check out Alabama Jack's, which is a bar on the way to the keys. 
How have I lived here this long and not experienced the awesomeness of Alabama Jacks?! I want to go there tomorrow. Going to be on the lookout for an excuse to hit that place up in the near future. Anyone want to come along?

We got to KW and luckily my amazing tri-teamates had already gone to packet pickup and taken care of everything. All I had to do was find my own dinner, a cocktail, and a rickshaw to take me home.
Saturday came early, but the weather was warm (sorry, rest of the country) and the water was relatively flat. Since we were on a relay team, we had a late start at 7:55AM, which gave us plenty of time for pictures. 
The relay teams
Team "We thought you said RUM!"
Sunrise on the beach

We watched the first waves of athletes come in. There were a bunch from Naples who were killing it. Fun to cheer them on before I had to worry about actually doing something . 

Transitions for the relay, specifically the bike to run was a little confusing, but I got running without a problem and without getting hit by a bike. (Success)

I sprinted through transition and hit the road. Since breakfast was about 2 hours earlier, i started my run a little hungry. I haven't don't much speed work lately and I could definitely tell after the first mile. It was hot and very sunny. I grabbed water a little over halfway and continued on the out and back course. With about .2 miles of the way left, a guy who was clearly doing the tri flew by me. I was not going to let that happen without a little fight and picked up the pace.
Unfortunately (but very adorably) once we got close to the finish line, the guy's little three year old ran out and grabbed his hand and they slowly crossed the finish line together. There was no way I was going to be the a-hole to sprint past them across the finish line, so I smiled jogged across the line. Cuteness won. 

But so did our friends who brought along rum punch at the finish line!
Honestly, my 5K time was not my best, but I had a good time, and it was fun to se the race. My team was awesome, but just shy of placing. 
Thanks Ali and Eric!!! Next year kids, next year! 

Congrats to everyone who raced and all the peeps from Naples who placed! Already looking forward to Ragnar 2014, back to Key West!