Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Slacker Anxiety

Miles today: 4.55 miles, treadmill
Miles yesterday: 6.02 miles, easy
Miles in 2013: 1150.37 miles

I have been slacking. Big time. Basically there aren't enough hours in the day to run, work, write, and have some semblance of a life. Priorities are kicking in, especially with the holidays and our newest, cutest baby boy ever.

There are so many great motivating programs going on right now. Will post about all the great stuff going on in December. In the mean time, some thoughts on November. Recovery turn around after the Chicago marathon. The hottest half marathon of 2013.

Followed by an amazing long run, in preparation for a little 50K race coming up in a few short days.

Followed by a couple freezing runs in Louisiana

Full disclosure, I am just shy of petrified of 31 miles. I keep getting into my own head and getting all worked up about it. This is the first race longer than a half mary that I have not fully trained for. And it's not just a few skipped workouts... it is a few weeks of higher mileage and thats about all for training. I keep reading these amazing ultra marathoner blogs and message boards, and they make me feel a little better, but I am currently wallowing in taper time insecurity. While inside my head is a hot mess, I do know these few things: #1: It is taper time regardless. I have to have faith in that long run and my base going into all this. #2: I am headed down to the Keys in less than 48 hours for the Key West Tri. It is going to be a freaking blast and I will not be worrying (too much anyway) about what comes the following weekend. #3: I am not running the 50K for time, but for fun (and to hopefully finish). I was told it was going to be "like a vacation" and I intend to enjoy every blissful, (painful)  mile I can.