Saturday, December 28, 2013

We are not in Florida anymore!

Miles Thursday: 5.41 miles, hill run
Miles Monday: 3.77 miles
Miles Thursday: 3.1 miles, easy
Miles Saturday: just over 22 miles of trails
Miles in 2013: 1192.47 miles

And you thought I was gone! We are in the great state of New York and it is fah-reaking cold! Between the ultra, family Christmas, friends, and traveling, there hasn't been much time to post. 

My apologies. We are enjoying a phenomenal trip to the Hudson River Valley in New York. 

There hasn't been as much running as I would like, but enough to keep us happy. The second day here we were going to my sister-in-law's box to do a workout, but it had warmed up enough that in my warped mind, I thought running would be great. (It actually was) So in the 30 degree weather and light snow Larry and I went for a run. Larry bailey around 3, but I ran a full loop of hills... in my shorts. No one ever accused me of being smart...

I was heavily layered on top but my legs definitely were a little chilly. It really wasn't too bad. I would rather be cold than over heat any day.  Lucky for me, the second half of the run was all uphill and my little, wimpy, Florida quads were burning. So much fun. I ran through snowy apple orchards and a snowed in golf course. So much fun. I have never run in snow before in my life. (And I didn't bust ass)

After the exhilarating run, Angi led us through a ridiculous ab workout that I am still feeling today. 

Yesterday we walked across the Hudson. Gorgeous!

Hope everyone had an amazing Holiday and got to spend time with the ones they love!

Good luck to all our friends running the Jacksonville Marathon tomorrow!!!!