Sunday, January 12, 2014

Catching up and Resolutions

Today: Gentle yoga class
Saturday: 12.62 miles
Thursday: 4.1 miles, treadmill
Tuesday: 4.04, easy
Sunday: 13.1 miles (approx. Garmin died), trail half marathon
Miles in 2014: 37.86 miles

So first resolution - try to blog more than once a week! It has been a great, relaxing weekend of running, cocktails, productivity (I know, surprising considering the bubbly), and beaching. 

I had a great 12 miler on Saturday, thanks to my friend Holly. Legs are feeling good and I am ready for one of my favorite half marathons, the Naples Daily News Half Marathon, next weekend. 

My house is finally almost back to normal after holidays, a long vacation, and a crazy work week. Things are good. So let's get caught up. Some of last year's resolutions were amazing and some fell a little flat. I ran over 1200 miles, a PR marathon, 7 half marathons,  a Ragnar relay, and a 22 mile trail run. Not too shabby. (And I have two race reports to come!) I stayed relatively healthy and had some amazing runs in some gorgeous places. Success without a doubt. 

So 2014. These are more vague than last year, but still without a doubt a high priorities

#1: Run Big Sur Marathon. Run as many great races as I am healthy for and the wallet can afford.

#2: Eat in vegetarian dinners 4 nights per week. (Recipes to come!)
#3: Be kind. Kind to others and kinder to myself. We are our harshest critics, and I can be tough. I also think everyone should have this as a resolution.
#4: Yoga and strength training. Stronger, faster, healthier. (Did you see what I did today?!)
#5: Curse less. This could be considered an epic fail of 2013. Trying to do better. For reals.
#6: Improve this little corner of the internet. Great changes coming very soon!
#7: Stop procrastinating. Seriously. It is January 12th. 12 days too late for resolutions. But at least I am still keeping them. (Ok well trying hard on #5)
#8: Simplify. The last 3 months of 2013 were a blast but completely out of control. My number one priority is to relax, enjoy the amazing people in life, and be grateful for every day.

Congrats to all the amazing athletes who competed in the HITS triathlon series and everyone who completed a race in Disney World this weekend, especially those finishing their first marathons!