Friday, January 31, 2014

Five Things Friday!

Miles today: 0
Miles in 2014: 97.62 miles

Today we learned that if you don't make the effort to get up early in the AM, you may not get in any miles. Sad, but true. Ended up being an unintended rest day.  Unfortunate, but I am about to have lots of miles to make up for it because today is..... ONE WEEK FROM RAGNAR FLORIDA KEYS!

Yes, despite the date change, we will still be at Ragnar this year and I could not be more pumped. This is the third year I have run it. Last year I was hurt and struggling, but this year I have been feeling well and am much better trained. I am switching vans this year and in Van 2. And the girls are taking over.... So in the spirit of Ragnar, here are five reasons you should sign up and run Ragnar Relay Florida Keys:

1.  Locations:  Miami? Key West? There are few things on earth I love more than running and the Florida Keys. (this will be the 3rd race in the Keys in the past year...and I am already set to run another in April) Have you seen the sun rise over the 7 mile bridge? Or smelled the salty air when you get into Key Largo? Nothing else like it. What better excuse to travel to great destination than racing there?

2. New Friends: Know how to make a friend? Share a van and sweaty stories for 25+ hours straight. No better bonding possible. Cheer for each other, help each other, and tolerate a stinky vehicle together. Incredible. Top it off with partying in Key West. Best. Weekend. Ever.

3.  You have never had so much fun decorating a van. Or tagging another van. Extra points for Christmas lights and Glo sticks. Especially after running through the night!

4. RUN, EAT, SLEEP, REPEAT? Think you can't sleep outside of your comfy bed? Learn that after running 9 miles at 2 AM under a clear sky, you can sleep anywhere, no matter what. Van benches seem wonderful. Makes that hotel at the end seem heavenly.

5. Key West, FL. If you haven't been here, you should stop reading and start planning. Mallory Square. Irish Kevin's. Conch fritters. Hog's Breath. Hemingway House. Sunsets. Oh and one free beer at the finish line! The list goes on. Nothing like dancing the night away after running 20 miles.

Happy Friday!!

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