Monday, January 20, 2014

Races and Cake

Miles yesterday: 13.12 miles, 1:59:59
Miles in 2014: 66.55 miles

Yesterday was pretty much the perfect day. My favorite race of the year and big celebratory brunch with good friends and birthday cake(s). 
My friends from grad school were in town and we ran the Naples Daily News Half Marathon in the freezing south Florida weather. (Seriously, it was only 3 degrees warmer in Boston yesterday morning)
Regardless, it turned out to be a pretty perfect morning, race wise. Cool, not windy, and sunny. Best of all, tons of friends were running and a ton of people had PR's and finished their first half marathons. So exciting!
My race was not a PR, but I had a blast. Nothing like running with people you love. Will recap my run tomorrow!

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