Tuesday, January 21, 2014

NDN Half Marathon Recap

Miles today: 4.06 miles, 100 squats
Miles in 2014: 70.61 miles

I looked like a drowned rat in weird clothing on my run this morning. It was gross out, so no sunrise pic.
Instead, here is sunset Friday (no filters). It doesn't even look real.

Anyway, no clue it was supposed to be raining and since our washing machine broke last tuesday, my supply of running clothes is getting slim. One un-used sports bra to go until new machine delivery on Friday. Going to get smelly up in here.

Glad no one else was out in the rain to see me. The better news is that I ran for the very first time in my Hokas. Ahhhhh. Nice and cushion-y. 
Definitely not my prettiest shoes, but super comfortable and surprisingly light. I can't wait to get some more mileage in them.

So back to Sunday's race. As I have said about 1000 times, the NDN half marathon is one of my very favorite races. Not only was it my first half marathon, but as I run more, I realize how awesome it is to run with tons of people you know on a course that loops multiple times. Even though there are not a ton of spectators, you see everyone over and over again. Great encouragement and inspiration!

The race is usually just over 2000 runners. Packet pickup is super easy and never crowded the days before. The temps were freezing for a Naples morning but warmed up quickly. Unfortunately I did not warm up as quickly. I just never felt great, the entire race. There were fleeting moments, but I couldn't get into a rhythm and struggled to really push myself. It felt harder than it should have for my pace. That being said, I did have negative splits and the race flew by. Looking back, I had a good time running and was so happy seeing so many people having a spectacular race. When I crossed the finish, I hit my watch and looked down at 1:59:59 and started laughing. Despite not feeling great, I had a lot left and honestly could have pushed it harder. 
 I didn't set out to PR this race, but was not satisfied with my overall effort. The positives the came out of the morning far outweigh any of that. Just two years ago, I was desperately dreaming to finish under 2 hours. Now I am doing it on a sub-par morning. That's gotta count for something.

More importantly, everyone I saw was smiling and had a blast running together. 
Can't wait until next year!

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