Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Awareness Wednesday

Miles today: 60 min yoga class
Miles in 2014: 124.1 miles

I am totally loving my yoga Wednesday nights. It breaks up the week and is a perfect stretch/rest day. Who knew? I am sad I didn't start going earlier. New year's resolution, check!

For dinner, I busted out our unopened food processor (the one that was a wedding gift in 2010.....) and tried a new recipe - Peanut-Seasame Slaw with Noodles. Amazing and it made a ton. Lunch for me tomorrow and dinner for Larry. 
Oh so pretty.

More importantly than food,  I wanted to address an event that happened last week in Naples. I feel like I need to say something, since most of the running I do is on the streets of Naples. Last Wednesday,  a cyclist in one of the large group rides in Naples got hit by a car. He is ok, but the wreck could have been deadly and he ended up in the hospital with multiple serious injuries. Unfortunately, he is not the first cyclist or runner in Naples to be hurt and injured by a car. One year ago, my friend Adrienn got hit and is just now able to run again. Another friend ended up in the ER and was forced to miss multiple races after being hit while running.  These are just a few terrible events out of many resulting from impatient drivers, people not paying attention (both athletes and drivers), and people not following traffic laws. As runners, most of us have experienced difficulty running on the roads with traffic and aggressive drivers.
At our group run last Saturday, this was all discussed. It falls on all of us to do a better job. As runners and cyclists, we need to be extremely aware of our surroundings and cautious of cars, especially during the dawn and dusk hours. As drivers (and this is coming from someone who is constantly in a rush and may or may not have issues with road rage...) we need to be courteous of others on the road, in less of a constant hurry, and follow the traffic laws.

Naples Pathway Coalition is a group in Naples that is dedicated to establishing "safe transportation networks for cyclists and walkers" in Naples.  We are lucky to have such a group working with local leaders to create a safer environment for all of us running, cycling, and enjoying the outdoors in SW Florida. Combined with the GCR, NATS, and Naples Velo, Naples Pathway Coalition issued a statement regarding the incident last week. You can read it here.

So that is my PSA for the day. Stay safe out there and happy hump day!!

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