Sunday, February 16, 2014

Catching up Sunday

Miles today: 8.18 miles
Miles Saturday: 6.35 miles
Miles Thursday: 3.0 miles, easy (minus the 30 mph winds...) AM, 2.01 miles PM
Miles Tuesday: 4x800s, 3.3 miles total (not enough time to finish entire workout), one hour yoga
Miles in 2014: 176.88  miles

This post got started sometime during the day on Thursday... and will be finished tonight (Sunday) with a bunch of awesome pics from the gorgeous weather this weekend. 
So the weather man and my weather app are total liars. The "cloudy" and "breezy" 6 AM run was actually heavy winds and driving rain. For those of you at last year's Country Music Marathon, exactly like that, just more wind. Pretty sure the 5 cars I saw on the roads thought I was a complete moron (to which I will not argue) but I wanted to get the miles in. Despite cutting the run a few miles short, I am just going to consider this "training for the elements." I figure I can get in a couple miles after work on a treadmill or when the weather does not completely suck.

Side note, I am sorry to everyone else in the country - I am whining about a little rain and wind and your weather is probably about 100 times worse.

Annnnd that is as far as I got on Thursday. I am sure I had some amazing points but work and dinner took over. Hope everyone had an amazing Valentine's Day! We hung out at the beach and got take out.  Wild night.
Saturday and Sunday were full of running and beach time.

This morning was the first Paradise Coast Half and Full Marathon. Congrats to all the incredible runners, especially those running their first marathon and everyone who PR'd. Wish I could have been there! Also congrats to my kickass sister who just completed her 3rd marathon this morning. #badass

More on Ragnar this week! Hope y'all had an amazing weekend!

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