Sunday, February 2, 2014

Happy Groundhog Day!

Miles today: 3.0 miles, easy
Miles yesterday: 15.2 miles, hour yoga class
Miles in 2014: 115.82 miles

Broke the 100 mile mark for the year already and what a great weekend. (Unlike the football game currently on...) Yesterday started out with some awesome miles. I ran 9.2 miles with our Saturday morning group. It was one of the largest of the year and a big group stayed together for the entire run. Definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone and I ended up running most of the mileage under my goal marathon pace. The sunrise was just a little added bonus.

My good friend Heather was in town and is training for her first half, so I got to run the rest of my mileage with her. We had a blast catching up and chatting. The six miles flew by. And also ended at the farmer's market with cronuts. Which BTW may have been the best thing I have ever eaten. Ever.
Also, if Saturday is any indication, girl is going to kill that half marathon.

Today we slept in and I got in a quick 3 miler with Larry. In the spirit of Ragnar, I represented the one and only Hustlers.
It was really hot, even at 9 AM, so all the people that ran the Miami full and half marathon are totally amazing! I changed and headed directly to yoga after running, which was a great decision. All that stretching was exactly what I needed. Felt so so good. 

But not as good as the bottomless mimosa brunch on the beach that immediately followed.
I know Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow today, but I could totally take another 6 weeks of this. My apologies northerners and midwesterners. 
 Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and congrats to everyone who raced!! 

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