Monday, February 3, 2014

Motivation Monday!

Miles today: 4.07 miles, 60 squats
Miles in 2014: 119.89 miles

I bought two things today that are pretty much the best source for Motivation Monday ever.

I cannot wait for a beach day!! But definitely a good reason among others to go for a run after work. Oh yeah, that and it is 12 weeks until Big Sur. Today was an easy 4 mile run on the schedule. I struggled a little with the Hanson Plan at the start when we were training for Chicago. There were a lot of factors, but I do think that one of them was not running easy runs easy or slow enough. So today I focused on slowing down. 

Guess what? Not as easy as I thought. I ran a little later today and missed the sunset tonight. Regardless it was one of those runs that are just filled with happiness and relaxation. Nothing could have been better at the end of a Monday work day.  AND it made me so excited to run through the night on Friday. 

I got home, made dinner, (recipe tomorrow) and started my squats. Which was promptly were followed by delicious chocolate ice cream dessert.  Totally worth it. Happy Monday!

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