Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ragnar Leg One Recap

Miles today: 6.18 miles, easy
Miles Ragnar, leg one: 4.22 miles
Miles Ragnar, leg two: 9.95 miles
Miles Ragnar, leg three: 4.5 miles
Miles in 2014: 154.04  miles

Tonight's run was heavenly. 
I have finally come out of recovery to post about Ragnar. My brain may be a little fried, but meh,  it was totally worth it. Our start time was at 10:30 AM on Friday. I was in Van 2, Hemingway Hustlers III. After our fearless leader drove like a champ through Miami traffic, we made it with seconds to spare to watch Van 1 get the party started. 

We drove around looking for a Michael's to grab supplies to decorate the van and settled on Party City. It is amazing what a little window paint and sparkly fringe can do.

We got to our first big exchange and checked in an decorated the van. And put on Ragnar tattoos. And ate donuts.

It was after noon and already well over 80 degrees. Not ideal for running around the streets of Miami, but at least I am used to it. Van one's runner came flying in just after 1:30 PM. 
I guess this is the time I should let you know that despite being a three time Ragnarian, I still can't pack. Of all the things to forget for a weekend of running and racing, WHO FORGETS THEIR WATCH??? Seriously. Other than sunscreen and maybe our loudspeaker, a watch is right up there in the most important list. So I forgot mine. Back to the running. 

Since I now needed my phone to keep track of mileage and time, the hand off with runner 6 was not among my smoothest moves. I couldn't get the damn slap bracelet on and then I didn't start the time right and then trying to get my music going, all whilst juggling my much needed water bottle. How am I such a hot mess in the first mile?? 

Anyway, after I got myself a little organized, I settled into a decent pace. Unfortunately, because the first legs of Ragnar are through Miami, you hit a number of stop lights. This first light I hit was at an intersection where they happened to be paving the road. Nothing like hot tar to cool you down on a 4 mile run. 

I only saw 3 other runners this leg. The first of which flew by me in my first mile. It was brutally hot and I was so glad I brought water with me. There wasn't much to look at and I knew it was just a straight shot to the next exchange.

Luckily with about half a mile left, I caught that first runner. We chatted about running at 4am and marathoning. I don't know if I could have made that last little bit without him to pace off of. Thanks Tropicana guy!! Love meeting other runners on these races!
That is all I've got tonight - more tomorrow! Happy Monday!

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