Sunday, March 30, 2014

Springtime Sunday in Tampa

Miles today: 8.31 miles (5.3 miles AM, 3.01 PM)
Miles in 2014: 353.64 miles

This weekend was a whirlwind trip to Tampa to see friends and new babies. The weather Saturday was crap and I was exhausted so it became a sleep in/rest day. Some days sleeping in is just SO worth it. This morning we woke up to brilliant blue skies and sunshine. It was cool and clear and just about the perfect morning for a run along Tampa Bay.
The run was perfect and there are few things better than running with some of your closest friends on a gorgeous morning. Nothing could have made me happier today than running with these girls!
We could have gone forever. (But there were two little girls who deserved some playground time) 
It was awesome getting to run along my old route. I do miss running around Tampa Bay on a daily basis, but Naples sunsets are hard to beat.

After a quick drive home, Larry and I went for a little sunset beach run to get in a few more miles.
Pretty great way to end the weekend and start Larry's birthday week.
Hope everyone had an amazing weekend and a big congrats to my sister who ran her first kickass, speedy half marathon since having my sweet nephew!! Way to go!!!

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