Monday, March 24, 2014

One Hot Mess...I Mean, Minute

Miles today: rest
Miles Saturday: 14.36 miles
Miles Friday: 4.51 miles
Miles Wednesday: 4.71 miles
Miles Tuesday: 4.36 miles
Miles in 2014: 334.28 miles

Has it really been over one week? One hot minute. I have been what you might call...slacking.  Or extra napping. Regardless, sometime you need an easy week and it was great to take one. Especially after an insanely delicious, traditional St. Patrick's Day dinner.
BEST RUN OF THE WEEK: Long run. I overslept about an hour, but it worked out for the best. I ran  about 4 and then stopped by the annual Beach Bum Run 5K. It was great to see so many faces running for the David Lawrence Center and having fun on the beach. I had to continue my run and had no intention of doing so on the beach so another friend and I headed off to get more miles in. We ended up chatting and seeing yet another friend on the road. The miles flew by and felt surprisingly great. We stopped a little early to grab breakfast with friends, but I totally could have kept going. Love those Saturday morning runs!

HARDEST RUN OF THE WEEK: The early morning runs I did get in were easy and somehow turned into mini disasters. Tuesday started out extra early because I had to go to the doctor before work. I had no clue the weather was supposed to be bad, but I walked out into a hurricane. Can we consider running into 30 mph winds extra training for Big Sur?? 
This was the best pic I could get of the weather insanity

Wednesday we ran with my mom. Unfortunately she has had some injury issues and after a few miles had to stop and has had to take a few days off. 

MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT OF LIFE (OR AT LEAST FOR THE WEEK): Friday was the crowning moment in a week of bad runs. After a great run with my friend Carly, I was on my way home when IT happened. Every long distance runner knows and dreads this moment more than anything. Long story short, I ended up in some bushes in some poor unsuspecting persons yard. Not my finest moment and definitely not the way I wanted my Friday to start. Not sure what exactly happened, but let's all hope (for my dignity and my neighbor's yards) that it never happens again.  How do I continue to be such a disaster?!?

At least Friday ended up on a high note. Time Trial Cycle opened its first location in Naples and together with FitNation Magazine, threw an amazing opening night party! 
Time Trial Cycle is indoor cycle studio that looks awesome. First class is free and there are classes seven days a week. You can pay per class or there are monthly memberships available. I wish I took pictures of inside, but that will have to wait until my first class sometime soon!

Trying to get back on track this week, I have two great race recaps still to share and tons of updates on Big Sur training! Happy Monday!!
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