Monday, March 3, 2014

Ragnar Key West, Leg 2 Recap

Miles today: rest day
Miles in 2014: 241.65 miles

Holy Monday - it's hard to get back to real life after an awesome weekend. First off, insane, HUGE congrats to everyone who raced Best Damn Race in Orlando, Hooters Half in Ft. Myers, and our friend Eric, who had a BQ race in Phoenix. #badass What a great weekend for running!
Saturday I volunteered at a local 5K and then went to a Share the Road rally in downtown Naples. Sunday, I ran Hooters and had a blast running with a good friend and awesome runner! More on all that later this week. Instead, today I will finally catch up on Ragnar. (yes it has almost been a full month...) Better late than never. I started my Ragnar 2014 recaps and then got totally side tracked by food and pretty sunrises/sunsets. In case you missed it, you can check out leg 1 recap here

The sun was just starting to set when our van finished up our first legs. 

It was gorgeous, but more importantly, we were freaking starving. Van two finishes their first leg at the Homestead Raceway. There were tons of restaurants surrounding the area, but we heard the wait times were ridiculous. That is precious sleep time friends. Not to be wasted. Instead of eating in Homestead, we opted to head down to Key Largo, so we could eat and get to the next exchange for a quick nap. 
Tower of Pizza could not have been a better choice. No wait and they had a veggie sub that was delish. Last year pizza did a number on my stomach and I was not about to start running in the middle of the night and have to search for the nearest bush or port-o-pottie. 

We finished dinner and booked it to the local high school to park and nap. I got the front seat of the van to sleep in, which wasn't the most comfortable spot on earth, but luckily I am short and can fit easily in small spaces. Happily, I got a solid nap in and woke up with plenty of time to spare before I got started. 

Rob (van 1's last runner) came flying in a little before 2 AM and I was off. My leg started on one of the side roads in Islamorada. Pitch black dark and all by my lonesome, I cranked up the music and relaxed into a pace. It was cooler, but super humid.

The run started out on a side street, not US1 so it was extra dark. Very peaceful. I settled in and just enjoyed the night. Around mile 2-3 it began to lightly rain, which was refreshing. I didn't see many people the first half of the run. After I got back on US1, I started seeing more lights and runners. There were a couple of very mall bridges, but it was pretty flat.

I chatted with a few runners but basically enjoyed the peaceful darkness. I also enjoyed running through one of my favorite islands in the Keys. Islamorada is one of our fave vacay spots. Ran by all the well known spots, Holiday Isle, Lorelei, the Islander, and of course, Woody's. (There were still cars there...)

The miles flew by and before I knew it, I saw the one mile left sign and was finishing up the run. The 10 miles really wasn't bad at all, just about the same (only an hour earlier) as marathon training in the summer in Florida. Love me a night run.

I slept on and off and cheered the rest of our van on as everyone ran. Our last runner was finishing up right as the sun was coming up.
Perfection, plus dolphins. Can't get much better.
Will finish up leg 3 and the finish in Key West this week.
Happy Monday!

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