Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Two for Tuesday: Support and Nourishment

Miles today: 6.05 miles
Miles in 2014: 340.33 miles

This morning we were supposed to run, but I woke up and it was pouring rain. Not the rain and wind of last week's insanity, but full on thunderstorm. Instead of getting up and going to the gym instead, I did what any lazy girl would do and snuggled back up in bed for an extra hour. No lie, it was glorious....

Until after work, when I wanted to finish my book and lay around with the dogs, but needed to get in those missed miles. Oh man, did I wish I wasn't such a slacker in the morning. But I got off the couch (yes, after a mini nap sesh) and hit the road. It was windy, but the temp had dropped a little. I headed south (which meant running into the wind on the way home) hoping to catch the sunset at the pier. 

Totes worth it.
Ahhhhh. Home.

The run wasn't too bad either. Felt strong and not as sluggish as I have the past week or so. 

So, the two tips for Tuesday.

#1: This is really for my girls who are blessed up top. Since I started running, one of my life's missions has become sports bras that don't chafe. As of late, that has expanded to running bras that can support the girls. Less bounce the better. I have been doubling up for years and actually love the Target Champion sports bras. I have run multiple marathons doubling up with those and very minimal chaffing.

This weekend in the spirit of spring cleaning, I tossed a bunch of old running bras and decided to see what else was out there. After trying on about 50 different running bras, I landed on the Under Armor Women's Armor Bra. Tonight was my first run in it and I am sold. No chaffing, no bouncing, no straps digging into shoulders. Thrilled with the purchase.

Despite the grumpy facial expression. Sometimes smiling in selfies is just asking too much. 

#2. Dinner. If you haven't tried Pinch of Yum's Red Thai Curry Sauce, you are missing out. Big time. I am obsessed with this sauce. Put it on veggies, tofu, shrimp, meat, cardboard. Or just stick a straw in the pot after it's finished reducing. It is that good. And quick. And easy. I roasted leftover veggies, put them over brown rice and drowned everything in the sauce. Plus there is a ton of left over sauce to put on whatever is for lunch or dinner tomorrow. Can't wait.

Bonus tip: These.

Banana chocolate chip brownies. This recipe was posted Friday, at How Sweet Eats. Instead of topping the brownies with ganache, I put a bunch of dark chocolate chips in the batter for the win. And I don't even feel bad that we have almost finished the whole batch in 3 days. 

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