Thursday, April 10, 2014

Girls on the Run Buddy Practice!

Miles today: 5.06 miles, AM. 4.0 miles hill repeats
Miles yesterday: 3 (ish) GOTR practice
Miles Tuesday: 5.03 miles
Miles Monday: 3.11 miles, (plus a mile or so walk)
Miles Sunday: 60 minute yoga class and a 3 mile walk
Miles in 2014: 409.82 miles

Phew. That was a lot of days to catch up on. This week has been a little broken up but awesome. Tuesday's run was brutally humid, but the sunrise was totally worth it.
Yesterday was our Girls on the Run practice when all the running buddies go to the girls' practice and run a practice 5K. (For more info on Girls on the Run click here and here) We have all been exchanging weekly emails and it was a blast to finally meet our buddies! Mine was quite the little runner and did an amazing job of running the entire time! We stopped for water at the end of every mile, but other than that, she cruised through the entire workout. Pretty awesome for an eleven year old, who has never run that far before!! So proud! 
We talked about what she had learned from the program so far and what her other interests are. I was thrilled to hear she loves running and plans on joining cross country and track in middle school. Starting them young! I was a little nervous starting out, but I really had a great time and got to laugh a lot. Now I just have to keep up with her at the real 5K celebration in May!  

Also for anyone in the SW Florida area, the first annual Glitter Run 5K will be Saturday at 8 AM at the Vineyards. Here is the info! Would love to see you out there and all glitttery (uh, is that even a word??)!!
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