Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy First Day of Summer!

Miles today: 7.06 miles
Miles in 2014: 588.55 miles

This morning's run came at the perfect time. Just when I was starting to think it was all getting a little hard, a blissful run comes along and restores my faith in the world. I wanted to run with the GCR Saturday morning group because it had been a few weeks and I missed running with the group. It was great to see everyone and hear about others' training and successes over the past few weeks. 

And then I got dropped about 0.2 miles into the run. Luckily, I was expecting exactly that and came prepared with my headphones. I jammed out to some 90's chick rock and enjoyed the morning. My original goal was 5 miles, but at the turn around point, I felt great and decided to continue on. (This run actually turns into a bathroom-to-bathroom route- no shame there) I headed to the pier, which is my six(ish) mile turn around. 
Despite the humidity of the first Florida summer day, it was pretty gorgeous out. 
I felt great heading home and caught the sunrise. 
Almost 23 weeks in and to have this kind of run is downright thrilling. It is definitely the little things. That being said, 7 miles used to be an average daily run, so I started with a pretty high base and would not necessarily recommend every pregnant woman doing this, especially in the FL heat. I also am taking short walk breaks and water breaks every mile or mile and a half, like its my job. (Which in the beginning, made me sad, but now realize they are pretty much unavoidable at this point) The Gabrialla support band has helped tremendously, and I only wish I had gotten one around 16 weeks, instead of waiting until just a few weeks ago. (You can read reviews of the band here, here, and here

That all being said, baby girlfriend is dictating the running at this point in time, and I am so grateful she felt like going a little farther today.

Side note to myself and others. If you have gained (baby) weight and are running in the humidity, get some damn vaseline. Rookie mistake made and will not be repeated again this year. Damnit.

All in all, the first day of summer is turning out phenomenally well. Hope everyone can say the same and Happy Wear Your Lilly Day!
Have a great rest of the weekend and if you have any other pregnancy running tips, let me know!!

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