Friday, June 27, 2014

Happy Friday!

Miles today: 5.0 miles
Miles in 2014: 602.93 miles

Ahhhhhh. The rain (or insane lightning/hail storm) last night cooled things off slightly for this morning and made for a much more pleasant run. We agreed to meet at 6 AM, which is later than usual because I was unsure I could run further than 2-3 miles. Of course, I totally forgot that when I set my alarm last night and didn't remember until I was walking by myself in the dark at 5:40 AM. My brain is already onto Saturday.
Anyway, I decided to get a head start and run a bit before hand and then meet up with my friend Carly. The first mile+ felt unusually good and I ran back to meet her. We planned on a shorter loop, but then both ended up running a littler farther. I got home 0.32 miles short of 5 miles, so of course I had to go around the block an extra time because god forbid Garmin have an uneven number for mileage. Totally made up for the crappy runs earlier in the week.
I got home and was so excited to see the coverage of Alysia Montano on the Today Show. Girlfriend is badass. She ran for UC Berkley, is a five time USA Outdoor champion, and oh yeah, a 2012 Olympian. At 8 months pregnant, she ran the 800 M at the US Championships yesterday. Love it!
Check out her website here and the coverage on her race here. She is 6 weeks from her due date and looking incredible. My favorite part is how she viewed the race. In an interview she stated that she "viewed her participation in the race as a celebration". Makes my heart happy. Every step we have the ability to run should be viewed as such. 

Speaking of celebrations and running, Western States 100 mile Endurance Run is this weekend. You know we will have to break out our copy of Unbreakable and watch it. And if you need a little motivation - grab a copy and watch it!

Good luck to anyone racing/training/running this weekend! Happy Friday!

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