Sunday, June 8, 2014

I'm baaaack!

Miles Saturday: 4.0 miles, treadmill
Miles Friday: 4+ miles, run with Mom, Nike+ decided to stop halfway...
Miles in 2014: 560.55 miles

Well. It has been a hot minute since I have been here. Or like, almost 2 months worth of hot minutes. If you have been following along with the blog, you may have noticed some changes before I took a little break. Less recipes, a complete change of my usual type A training schedule for the Big Sur marathon, more craziness, etc. If you have been following along on social media, you may already know it is all because we are expecting our first baby in a few short months. Holy life changes.
I AGONIZED over what to do with the blog, my life, running, and working when we found out we were pregnant back in February. I poured over the hundreds of running/mama/preggo blogs in between disbelief, excitement, and nausea. And let me tell you, it is really difficult to have a running/training blog and not discuss the fact that you are puking, crapping, crying, laughing, and slowing WAY down all while attempting to stay sane and train for a bucket list marathon.
 Let's start back in February, and work our way forward. I have SO much to talk about and discuss, so obviously it will be broken down into multiple entries and discussions, so not to bore you to tears.

I found out I was pregnant 3 days after returning from Ragnar Key West. (Yes, we all know what happens down there, not to mention the 21+ miles of running) I was shocked. (It may also be said that my tiny, black heart grew three sizes that day....) Larry insisted we take about 6 tests, just to be REALLY sure. Although it was a great explanation to why my Naples Daily News Half Marathon and Ragnar runs were so damn difficult. Here I was going into peak training for Big Sur and everything changed. Quickly.
That is not to say we (I) were not happy and excited. I consider myself incredibly and sometimes unbelievably so, blessed. It is still hard to comprehend how truly lucky we are so many ways. I can't send out enough gratitude into the universe! That being said, February was a very mixed bag of emotions and putting that into actual words was difficult, if not impossible. (We can start blaming the raging hormones right about now...) It was also not something I was ready to do at the time or wanted to post for the world to read about. I was in amazing shape training at relatively high mileage and went from that to 24 hour-a-day nausea and crippling exhaustion.  At that time I was not prepared for just how mentally and physically challenging the first few months would be. Nor was I ready to give up hope of finishing a full marathon April 27th out in California.
Like I said, it was tough to describe and write about training without letting the world know I was pregnant, so there were a bunch of vague blog posts for a month or two. Those posts are pretty crappy, so my apologies. I was conflicted. In one respect, I was fiercely protective of our privacy and my feelings. Not to mention that one moment I would be elated and happy and the next, crying and worried. In another respect, I wanted to share my experiences, excitement, and struggles, just  like the other blogs and articles I was looking to for advice and encouragement. Writing can be so cathartic, but sometimes so can procrastination. So I did what I tend to do, and just thought about it, without making any decisions.

I will go into much more detail about the running and training later. As many of you know, and those awesome friends along for the ride, I finished the Big Sur Marathon at 15 weeks and cherished every second and every step of the race. Being pregnant and running has absolutely made me fall more in love with the sport. I was/am so thankful for every run and spent so much time enjoying being outside. Sheer joy would be one of the best descriptions I can give. I cannot stress that enough. Yes there were shitty runs and yes there may have been tears when I looked at my pace time, but there were many more happy tears and good times pounding the pavement. More on all that warm, fuzzy, good stuff later.
For now, I have cut back a little mileage and started wearing a very sexy support belt on runs. Friday morning my mom and I went on our second run for the week at sunrise. 
Saturday I had some of the best miles in the past month on the treadmill. I comfortable at a slightly faster pace and could have gone much longer if I had more time. The view wasn't too bad either.
And now that everything isn't making me sick, I am back to cooking and eating like a normal (albeit very hungry) person. Menu for the week:

Monday: Veggie Fajitas
Tuesday: Tofu and Broccoli
Wednesday: BBQ vegan meatballs and Avocado Ranch Salad
Thursday: Work Dinner
Friday:  Travel

Hope everyone had a spectacular, sunny weekend!

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