Friday, June 20, 2014

Rest Day Friday

Miles today: rest
Miles yesterday: 4.5 miles
Miles Wednesday: 4.1 miles with Mom
Miles Tuesday: 3.16 miles
Miles Friday: 1.51 miles, 15 minutes stairs
Miles Wednesday: 4.17 miles
Miles in 2014: 581.49 miles

I slept through my alarm today. Which turned out to be a blessing because our hot water heater was out of gas and there was no hot water. Would not have been a good start to the day. Instead, dry shampoo came to the rescue as would be expected. I promise I wasn't too stinky. Maybe.

There is a part of me that is pained by those mileage numbers. (This part is already researching spring marathons in 2015 daily and dreaming of long runs...) There is another part that is damn proud of my waddling self for getting out at all at 5:45 AM two days in a row. In a related story, if slow mile repeats are your game, come run with me.
The past few runs have been a mixed bag. Wednesday night was glorious and I could have kept going, if it wasn't past 8 PM and my bedtime (ok and dinnner) was rapidly approaching. Wednesday morning included a number of walk breaks, ligament pain, and thoughts of calling Larry to catch a ride home... The bottom line is that I am SO grateful for every step, block, and mile I can run. It is keeping me sane and making me appreciate every run.

Good luck to everyone running Grandma's Marathon this weekend! 

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