Thursday, June 26, 2014

Three Things Thursday

Miles today: Planning on strength training....and hopefully a few miles in there...
Miles yesterday: 3.2 miles
Miles Tuesday: 2.0 miles
Miles Monday: 4.18 miles
Miles in 2014: 597.93 miles

#1: After my blissfully happy run on Saturday, the runs this week have sucked ass. Heat and some ligament pain are working me over. Yesterday morning was so hot and miserable. There was lots of complaining, walking, and more complaining. (Thanks for putting up with me Mom.) I am super careful in the heat and yesterday was the first day of the summer it was really too much. Trying to be a little more optimistic about it, but the past two days have been ugly. Cold showers and had a delightful breakfasts help. Pretty sure I would die if I didn't get that iced coffee. Also the pineapple and cherries have been blowing my mind lately. 
Can't. Get. Enough. 

#2: Heartburn. Good god. It is remarkable and I know I still have a long way to go. I have always had issues with heartburn, (Yes, I am like an old man) but this is freaking ridiculous. The days I don't run in the morning, I try to nap and then run at sunset. 
Unfortunately, that puts us eating dinner at like 8:15, which equals the fire of a thousand suns in my chest. Just the thought of if helps me get out of bed in the morning. I have tried to avoid taking anything, but gave that up this week. Comfort and sleep are too important. Someone recommended peppermint tea. Any thoughts??
 But the sunset was really, really pretty Wednesday night. 

#3: This recipe. Ah-mazing. Despite significant improvement in the ridiculous, 'round the clock nausea of the first trimester, sometimes the thought of eating a salad or a ton of veggies at dinner makes my stomach turn. Instead of going straight for the tater tots, (I am not going to admit how many nights that has happened) these vegan sloppy joe's are a perfect dinner. Healthy but they still hit the spot and are super filling. The lentils are the perfect base and they still have good texture. (You can still serve them with tots if you want)
She says they are spicy, but they really aren't. (Even to my sensitive, heartburn-y self) I am now making all double amounts because Larry can't keep his hands off my food. Leftovers are awesome and really good on a baked potato. It takes 30 minutes to make and is so worth it. Do it. 

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