Friday, July 11, 2014

Weekly Catch Up!

Miles today: 4.04 miles
Miles yesterday: 3.5 miles, treadmill
Miles Wednesday: rest
Miles Tuesday: 3.55 miles
Miles Monday: 3.8 miles
Miles Sunday: 7.6 miles
Miles Saturday: rest
Miles Friday: 3.14 miles - Firecracker 5K!
Miles Thursday: 3.6 miles with Mom
Miles in 2014: 644.3 miles

(I started this post last Thursday in a blind, starving rage at work... blatant honesty at its finest)

Newest pregnancy symptom: irate, irrational, insane hunger. Kinda like that time it almost came to blows with Larry over the last strawberry-banana gu at the end of a 20 miler, only 1000 times worse. The past few days have been ridiculous. I just ate a veggie burger 20 minutes before lunch because I COULD NOT survive one more minute without food. (Did I mention I had a good sized breakfast, then a mid morning banana and peanut butter plus a Hershey kiss)

Annnnd that insane appetite has lingered all week. And since I have been a complete and total slacker, here is the week catch up:

 Hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July long weekend! We started ours out with a 5K. I debated even registering and was just planning on volunteering, as I had said no more pregnancy racing. But then I had such happy, good runs earlier in the week, that I just couldn't help myself. Who can say no to getting dressed in your finest red, white, and blue and running with a bunch of friends around your neighborhood?? Not this girl. 
For running a 5K at 24 weeks, I was pretty pleased with myself and pace. It was hot and humid and nasty out, but I kept a solid 11 minute pace and got increasingly faster towards the end. To be clear - I WAS NOT racing, but it made my day to know that even as I am getting bigger and farther along, 11 minute miles are still relatively easy stuff. Plus it is just a celebration to be able to run at this point!

Thanks for running with me, Allison, you are awesome and I had a blast! (Despite my sexy support band coming undone in the first mile - I am a mess no matter what) My morning running partner also had a great race!
Larry and I continued our 4th of July celebration by grabbing nutella donuts and coffee and walking the pier and beach. If you have never had nutella filled donuts, you need to change that immediately. Life changing stuff. 

Then we proceeded to spend the next 6 hours at the beach, which was one of the best days of summer, but almost killed me with the heat and excessive sun. I was awake for the fireworks, but asleep about 10 minutes later. 

Sunday I attempted my weekly long run. The past few weeks have been amazing, but Sunday, not so much.

There was a lot of walking, bathroom breaks, and general icky-ness with the heat and humidity. I wasn't in pain or anything, just uncomfortable and unmotivated. The only thing motivating me was the storm clouds and the promise of a kickass breakfast when I got home.
Every year we make a big breakfast for the finals of Wimbledon, strawberries and cream included. This year we (sadly) did not have champagne, but I made the whipped cream and it came out AMAZING. Never buying the store bought stuff again.   

I convinced Larry to lace up his shoes and we took a cloudy sunset run Monday and Carly and I hit the road Tuesday. She went 11, I did not. Both runs were ok, but harder than last week with more bathroom breaks. Last night I was feeling stronger on the treadmill and would have gone longer if I had not had a veggie burger date with some of our team from Girls on the Run

This morning was pretty perfect though. There were huge storms right off the coast and a little breeze making the humidity a little more tolerable. The lightning was gorgeous and the miles flew by. Good start to the weekend and hoping to get a longer run in tomorrow!
Happy Friday y'all!

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