Thursday, August 21, 2014

Marco Island Half Recap....about 5 months later

Today: 30 minutes stairs, 20 minute strength training
Yesterday: 45 min elliptical, puppy walk
Tuesday: 25 min elliptical, 20 minutes strength training

Over the past few months I have been what some may call a little half ass on my blog efforts. I made the post about being pregnant here, and other than that, neglected multiple race recaps, workouts, successes, and not-so-successful adventures. Obviously I still need to do a Big Sur recap, but there is lots of other stuff that should be discussed as well.

The first being the Marco Bridge Half Marathon waaaaay back in March. I ran it two weeks after struggling through the Hooters-to-Hooters Half. (yeah I failed to mention the insane morning sickness, difficulty running, and lack of beer drinking that morning in that post)
Not many people knew I was gestating then, other than the people who saw me not drinking on after Hooters or on St. Patrick's Day. (doesn't get more obvious than that...) I ran Marco last year (fairly hung over from the St. Paddy's parade). Recap here. Shockingly, there were no race pics.

It was ugly. We have virtually no hills in south Florida, and who would have thought Marco Island is hilly? Hilly with a sweet bridge thrown in at mile 10/11. This year, despite the whole pregnant thing, I was doing a little hill training. I went into the race better mentally than any other previous run since seeing that extra little pink line. My friend Christine and I were going to run it together, but if I had to slow down I would, and if I felt bad, I would stop. Easy plan.
And shockingly well executed, if I do say so myself. The race ended up being the most fun, pleasant, gorgeous run in weeks.
I took my time. I chatted it up with other runners and ran with no pressure, expectation, or garmin. I also took my first "race" selfie and jammed out to whatever was on my playlist.
Not once did I struggle, although I did have to spend sometime mid-race telling myself to relax and not compete with other runners. Because I was running so conservatively, I had a ton of energy going up the last big bridge. I spent the last few miles cheering for other runners and speeding up. I finished strong and smiling. Definitely not my fastest race, but for a girl who had been sick every morning for weeks, Marco was a great celebration and accomplishment.
Not sure I could have had more fun that morning. It gave me a ton of confidence going into the last few weeks of Big Sur training and felt like a small turning point in running while pregnant.
The celebration continued with Dunkin Donuts post race, which didn't hurt either. 
Will definitely run this one again next year.
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